Panjakent-Samarkand Border Crossing Between Tajikistan & Uzbekistan

Updated April 2020, The Panjakent-Samarkand Border Crossing Report Between Tajikistan & Uzbekistan was originally written in December 2019

Tajikistan and Uzbekistan have many beefs with each other, which I am not going to go into in this blog post. In 2018 with some thawing of bureaucratic ties between the two countries the long-closed Panjakent-Samarkand border re-opened.

The biggest benefit of this border crossing re-opening is that you can once again easily combine a visit to Samarkand to Tajikistan’s Fann Mountains, without having to make a several-hours-long detour through the Oybek border post way up by Khujand. It’s also worth noting that Uzbekistan has largely relaxed its visa scheme, making passport holders of several nationalities able to visit the country either visa-free or with an e-visa.

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Tajik Visa

In 2016 Tajikistan eased up its visa policy by introducing an e-visa for several nationalities. In my experience, the e-visa has taken 2-4 days to issue, however, but I’d advise applying earlier just in case as sometimes applications get ‘stuck’.

If you are on the list of those eligible for e-visa, you can also apply for a visa on arrival at Dushanbe airport if you plan to arrive by flight. Note that if you get a visa on arrival, you will still need to visit the MFA in Dushanbe to get a GBAO permit, for those of you headed to the Pamir after.

Visa on arrival is not offered at land-border crossings.

Uzbek Visa

Visa policy of Uzbekistan
Uzbek visa policy by Twofortnights

In 2018 Uzbekistan eased its visa policy in hopes to entice more visitors. Now, several nationalities can visit with an e-visa or visa-free, making a visit to Uzbekistan a much more painless process than it used to be.

How To Cross The Tajikistan-Uzbekistan Border At Panjakent-Samarkand

Panjakent, Fann Mountains, Tajikistan, Panjakent Bazaar
Inside Panjakent Bazaar

Get To Panjakent

If you will be crossing from Tajikistan to Uzbekistan, you’ll first need to reach Panjakent. As Panjakent is a larger town in Tajikistan, it’s easy to reach from Dushanbe, Khujand, and just about anywhere in between.

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Get A Shared Taxi From Panjakent To The Border

Head to the lot opposite the Panjkaent Bazaar where the shared taxis to the border wait. You can charter an entire car for 40 TJS, or pay 10 TJS for a seat and wait for it to fill up. In all, the drive time to the border is less than 15 minutes.

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Exit Tajikistan

Once to the border, pay your driver and walk over to the gate with your luggage. Show your passport to the officer at the gate and he’ll wave you through to Tajik exit immigration. Walk to the Tajik window where they’ll check your documents and stamp you out of Tajikistan.

Enter Uzbekistan

Walk across the border to the Uzbek side. Here you’ll hand over your passport (and e-visa if you even need one), once documents are checked you should be stamped into Uzbekistan and will continue toward the parking lot. Note that I did not have to scan my bags through an x-ray or answer any questions (a much welcomed changed to entering/exiting Uzbekistan from my last visit in 2016!).

Ulugbek Observatory, Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Ulugbek Observatory in Samarkand

Get A Shared Taxi From The Border To Samarkand

Once to the parking lot you’ll likely be approached by several drivers offering different prices for a ride to Samarkand. For a seat in a shared taxi, expect to pay about 7,000 UZS for the roughly 45 minute ride to Samarkand, or charter an entire car for about 28,000 UZS. You may have to bargain hard as the initial prices thrown at you will be quite high.

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Doing It From Samarkand To Panjakent

If you’re crossing from Uzbekistan to Tajikistan, you’ll need to head to Kaftarkhona Bus Station on the east outskirts of Samarkand (take marshrutka #41 for 1,300 UZS from the Registan). From Kaftarkhona Bus Station you can take a shared taxi to the border for 7,000 UZS per seat. After you exit Uzbekistan and enter Tajikistan there will be cars waiting on the Tajik side to take you to Panjakent Bazaar for 10 TJS per seat.

Money Exchange At The Panjakent-Samarkand Border

There were people offering to exchange money on both sides of the border, but nothing that I saw that was official. If you do exchange with someone in a parking lot, just make sure you have the most current exchange rate and double count all your money to make sure you don’t get scammed. I was able to trade my last Tajik Somoni with my driver on the Tajik side for Uzbek Som at a good rate.

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Have Any Questions About The Panjakent-Samarkand Border Crossing?

Ask your Panjakent-Samarkand border crossing questions in the comments section below. I recommend getting copies of Bradt Tajikistan and Bradt Uzbekistan to help you plan your adventures in both countries.

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